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The PRactice of VENTilation in Critically Ill PEDiatric Patients (PRoVENT–PED) study is an international multicenter observational study. On this webpage you can find study information for participating researchers and interested parties.


26 september 2023

The PRoVENT-PED protocol has been approved by the Institutional Review Board.

The PRoVENT-PED protocol has been approved by the Institutional Review Board in July 2023.

9 oktober 2023

Second steering committee meeting - September 27th

The second steering committee meeting took place on Wednesday September 27th. We shared the results of the pilot studies and discussed the upcoming steps. Please find the presentation below, under the header 'documents'.

Currently recruiting centers and national and local coordinators

  • Please contact us via the contact form below, if you want to be involved in this project as a national or local coordinator or study center


Participation guidelines for centers

  • Data entry per participant takes on average 24 minutes 
  • Castor is used as eletronic Case Report Form

Study Summary


Studies on ventilatory support in critically ill pediatric patients remain scarce and much of the current clinical practice is based upon experience and data originating from critically ill adult patients. The aims of this study are to investigate practice of ventilatory support in critically ill pediatric patients and to identify potentially modifiable factors associated with outcome in order to optimize ventilation strategies, to design future clinical trials and to support the development of clinical practice guidelines.


To a) describe the practice of ventilatory support in critically ill pediatric patients, b) to identify potentially modifiable ventilation parameters that have independent associations with outcome and c) to study the prevalence of the Pediatric Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (PARDS).

Study design

Investigator–initiated, prospective, international, multicenter observational cohort study over a 10-year period. Each year, data will be collected in two predefined 4-week periods, one in the winter season and one in the summer season. A third 4-week period will be in case of epi- or pandemics. Centers have the option to opt out during certain time periods to make the study manageable for every participating center.

Study population

Critically ill pediatric patients (aged 0-18) admitted to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) and necessitating ventilatory support > 12 hours. Premature infants will be excluded.

Main study endpoints

The primary endpoint is a set of key ventilation settings and ventilation parameters. Secondary endpoints include the incidence of PARDS, duration of ventilatory support, the number of days free from ventilatory support at day 28, length of ICU stay, ICU mortality and potentially modifiable factors that have an independent association with outcome.

Ethical approval

The METC of the UMCG has decided that the study is not subject to the WMO. Since the study only prospectively collects data and no research related interventions will take place, participating in the study is without risk for the patient.



Call for centers

We are currently looking for centers all around the world that would like to collaborate in the PRoVENT-PED study. If you want to participate please fill in the contact form below.

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The eCRF is built in Castor EDC, a program that can be reached from everywhere via the internet.

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